Let's go Glasgow


Scotland was our Easter vacay destination with the fam. And I managed to convince hubby, and my parents and Austin (well let's be real that didn't require much convincing) to all come to Glasgow. Wooo. And then once they agreed I revealed that I had a sort of an ulterior motive (sort of, massively). A friends dancing competition on in Glasgow that weekend meant I intended to sort of (massively) sneak off for some catching up. 

So while I was mostly off at The Royal Concert Hall checking out the dancing hubby was in charge. And there was poo-gate. Yes that is a poo on the floor. And getting dressed-gate, and going-for-a-walk-gate and ..... uuuuh you get the idea. Poor hubby! But hey, as long as the place didn't burn down and everyone was still alive at the end of the day, I think it was a job well done.

We really didn't see as much as we would've liked between everything else, but we did see the Botanic Gardens and Byers street and the Concert Hall.... and then the train station as we left for part 2 of our holiday, Edinburgh. Talk about blink and you'll miss it. Glasgow was cute, and fun and really that's without us even seeing all of the main sights, so not bad eh?