Let's make cake (and eat it too)


Let’s make cake, and eat it too! Or in Austin’s case, let’s eat as much cake mix as we can while mum isn’t looking.

Although Austin hates most foods in general (there are only a handful of foods that he will eat so long as they are cooked to his very strict guidelines), he actually really enjoys cooking! So long as it is something, sweet and chocolatey. And that doesn’t bother me at all, if he is in the kitchen and getting used to mixing, measuring and cracking eggs I think it is all good! And hopefully one day he will expand his horizons a little outside of sweets and try to cook something else (and if he would start eating a wider variety of foods too that would make me oh SO happy). Baby steps!

Austin used the My Little Giggles Learning Tower here to bake this cake, it is the perfect height to get him working at the bench top so that he can see exactly what he is doing (and not accidently fall off a chair). And considering how much he is loving cooking at the moment I think it is going to get a lot of use!

My Little Giggle’s Learning Tower has just launched online and are Australian designed and made using FSC Certified Sustainable timber. They have been created to be a design piece in your home, keeping in mind space for those who have smaller kitchens or live in apartments. Plus it includes a height adjustable top step as well as a removable safety rail so once your little ones no longer require a safety rail you can simply remove and store away until you need it again.

And does it have the kids tick of approval? Well considering how much they fight over who’s turn it is to use it, then YEP, it definitely does!

Review: MiniRoo's Mighty Menu

Turkey sandwich  recipe  and all fresh ingredients shown in Austin’s yummy lunchbox can be found at Aldi.

Turkey sandwich recipe and all fresh ingredients shown in Austin’s yummy lunchbox can be found at Aldi.

The ALDI MiniRoo’s Mighty Menu is packed full of recipes for delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I wouldn’t say any of the recipes are ground-breakingly different (and thank god for that because I don’t know how I’d get something like that past Mr-Fussy-Eater-Five-Year-Old), but all the recipes are easy to follow, use fresh ingredients and most importantly are delicious!

Even our Mr. Fussy has tried the oatmeal pancakes and cookies with success and the chicken meatballs were also a big hit at family dinner, especially with Remy.

The menu has been created by the Socceroo’s Chef Martini Capovilla, and has something for everyone including kids recipes, gluten free and back to school recipes in addition the MiniRoo Mighty Menu. Yum!

Lego for the win


Once in a while, something amazing happens, something so unexpected, something so good that you just have to run with it. And that thing in our house is LEGO. Not duplo, not building blocks, not wooden blocks… but the real deal. Teeny, tiny pieces of finicky little lego. That feel like tiny, little, nails under your feet, that get lost everywhere, that could drive you completely mad…. except… it keeps the kids absolutely and completely, totally occupied. Hallelujah.

So our new teeny, tiny, blocky friends have been coming everywhere with us. On the plane ride to Fiji. In the car. A little visit to Grandma’s house. And of course off to our brunch at Clubhouse Malvern. What’s better than delicious chia pudding and bacon and eggs? Chia pudding and bacon and eggs with happy, quiet, occupied children who are busy playing with their lego (and drinking vanilla milkshakes).

Hey, I think we’re onto a winner here. To all the forces above, please let the lego phase be one that goes on and on and on…. Thankyou!