The queen of stuff-ups



Advice to me, from me (which would have been useful about a week ago in Edinburgh aka Edinbra):

1. When the hotel concierge suggests a fancy restaurant for dinner with your toddler, don't be fooled, this restaurant will be fancy (even at 5pm. Come on people, go home and come back for a normal people dinner).

2. When booking an apartment with the most amazing view of Edinburgh castle, ask yourself why does this apartment have this viewIs it because it is high up in the building? Does this mean it is up a flight of stairs? Or several flight of stairs? Coz woulda been hella good to know there was over 3 flights of stairs to carry up the suitcases, portacot, other various bags and oh yeah, Austin sleeping in his pram too. Massive d'oh. (And yes, I was in charge of all of the bookings). 

3. Make more of the time you have on holiday! Travel with a toddler can be stressful - trying to keep them occupied, happy, fed and dry... trying to stop them from running away in castles, pooing on the floor, and breaking all of the ornaments in the apartment you're in... you know just the usual but in an unfamiliar environment. But even worse is getting home and realising there were about 10 other sights you could've seen. Damn, damn, damn. (Mooooooore caaaaaaastles!)

What we did see of Edinburgh was pretty damn good though. Think castles, old buildings, princesses walking around…  ok no princesses but there may as well have been. I wish we had braved the bus trip to see the highlands as well but none of us really thought that would be ideal toddler territory so gave it a miss. Maybe next time we go, or when Austin is older, I don’t know, say in 20 years?