Review: Dunlopillo Pillows

mum and kid making bed

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed… Ok, it wasn’t two little monkeys jumping on the bed, it was just one and his name is Austin! Don’t you love it when your kids want to ‘help’ with the housework and then everything take 10 times as long to get done.

Well Mr. 5 year old was my little helper making the bed… which meant rolling around in the sheets, making a mountain with the pillows and jumping under the covers every time I pulled them over. Thanks so much for all your help buddy! ;)

We just got new pillows, which are so comfy! They are Dunlopillo, and they have their own online diagnostic tool to help Aussies pick the perfect pillow. And thank goodness for that because I’ve never known what pillow would work best for me… feather, synthetic, latex… too many choices! The tool takes into account what way you prefer to sleep (front, side, back) and any ailments, allergies, back or neck pain.

I’m one week in with the new pillows and I’ve been sleeping like a dream all week. Perfecto!

Review: MiniRoo's Mighty Menu

Turkey sandwich  recipe  and all fresh ingredients shown in Austin’s yummy lunchbox can be found at Aldi.

Turkey sandwich recipe and all fresh ingredients shown in Austin’s yummy lunchbox can be found at Aldi.

The ALDI MiniRoo’s Mighty Menu is packed full of recipes for delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I wouldn’t say any of the recipes are ground-breakingly different (and thank god for that because I don’t know how I’d get something like that past Mr-Fussy-Eater-Five-Year-Old), but all the recipes are easy to follow, use fresh ingredients and most importantly are delicious!

Even our Mr. Fussy has tried the oatmeal pancakes and cookies with success and the chicken meatballs were also a big hit at family dinner, especially with Remy.

The menu has been created by the Socceroo’s Chef Martini Capovilla, and has something for everyone including kids recipes, gluten free and back to school recipes in addition the MiniRoo Mighty Menu. Yum!

Review: Avene XeraCalm


I’m always on the hunt for new moisturisers, and if it is something that can be used across the whole family then that is massive brownie points in my books. We’ve been trying Avene XeraCalm and it has ticked all the boxes for me. It is gentle on sensitive skin so it is safe for babies and kids and it also helps to soothe itchy and dry skin. Both the boys have dry skin in winter, usually behind the knees and elbows, so finding a really nourishing, gentle moisturiser is so important in our house. I also find doing a bath every second night helps the dryness on their skin heaps (sorry to all the mamas out there who are routine queens, but it’s true!).

The Avene XeraCalm range is formulated so that there is no need for preservatives or fragrances, but most importantly I’ve found it to be a dream on my skin too! I’ve been using it with the Avene Water Spray underneath and my skin has been thanking me.