Horsin' around


We took Austin to the Freightliners Farm in Islington on Saturday. It's a cute little farm not far from Islington/Highbury station. It's free to enter (woohoo) and has a heap of different animal displays. I have a sneaky feeling that as summer gets closer there will be more on display but even in the middle of winter there was still lots to oggle. 

Austin led the way (as he does) charging from one area to the next. Ducks. Hens. Cows. Goats. And the cat. This was by far the most interesting (according to his reactions). There were no horses (sorry people, my blog title is a bit misleading), but plenty of birds, sheep and rabbits rounded out the animal displays nicely.

Babycinos and cake before we left made for one happy little boy at the cafe. But with no card facilities and a decent walk to the closest ATM it's probs best to bring cash (yep, wish we had the heads up on that one).