Feedwear Directory

Feedwear, nursing wear, breastfeeding friendly, button down, zips a-go - call it what you want but the hardest thing about breastfeeding? Finding something stylish to wear! Ok, that is not true at all (not when you’ve got milk supply, latching, mastitis, cluster feeds, and all-night-long-feeds to contend with), but after being pregnant for 9 months and finally being bump free a girl wants to look her best (breastfeeding or not), am I right? And coming by fashionable or chic nursing wear can be so tricky!

So, to save you all the struggles I had finding fabulous feedwear, I’ve created a list for you below. Who knew there were so many fabulous up-and-coming and tried-and-trusted brands out there? I’ve got you covered for clothing, active wear and underwear all below, just clink the brand to be taken to their site.