Mega Loves

Welcome to Mega Loves where I'll be sharing all of my fave mamahood things for you and your babe.


Willow By The Sea

The most luxurious, nasty-free, products for baby and mama. We tried the Baby Bath Tea a combination of organic oats, chamomile, lavender and other beautiful flowers to relax baby and nourish the skin in the most natural way. The bath tea comes loose, with a muslin bag to place the tea in and an oh so cute “willow by the sea” wooden scoop to use. Remy loved his little sink bath, and his skin was so soft after.


Bright Star Kids

We have been loving Bright Star Kids for their amazing range of customisable goods. I have seriously become obsessed with putting our 'stamp' on everything - Mothers Day gifts for the grandparents that include their 'right name' (Grandma, Granny, Nana), school supplies that include your kiddies name (hello, so perfect for Kinder, if it weren't for Austin's name being plastered all over his drink bottle I'm sure we would be getting a new one every week) and my absolute fave is their birthday clothing where you can include the kiddies name and new age. 


St Remio Coffee

St Remio Coffee has got me feeling all good about my coffee, and not just because it tastes so good! A percentage of all products goes back to supporting the female coffee farmers through a program called Sustainable Harvest. Sustainable Harvest aims to make a difference by providing the coffee farmers with skills and knowledge to not only maximise their yield and therefore their earnings from the coffee plantations, but provide them with essential products to assist their families in their daily lives. The pods are Nespresso machine compatible and my personal fave is the Rwanda blend. 


Little Bud

Little Bud make ready made meals, for 1-5 year olds that only use natural ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen pantry and fridge and don’t add any nasty preservatives, sugar or salt - real food, yes please! These are so handy to have for those moments when you are run off your feet but still want to get a healthy meal into your littles. I may or may not have also eaten some of these when I've run out of time to cook (I definitely did!) and yes they are totally delicious!



Milk and Cookies by Jewels

These are seriously the best cookies I've ever tasted! Need I say more? Well, yes I guess I should because they have an added benefit of actually being lactation cookies. Say what, I hear you asking? Well, the ingredients in these yummy cookies work in a number of different ways to help mums boost and maintain their milk supply. Double win! Pass the cookie jar!



We're big believers of the 'do what you gotta do' mantra in our house, so if we need 10 minutes of peace we're not shy from letting Austin have some screen time. We've been getting Austin on to Kidloland - there's a heap of different games, music and videos and they're all educational! Woop! The app itself is really easy to use, so Austin can navigate it himself (so we really do get 10 minutes of peace when he's using it). At the moment Austin is hugely in to monsters (such a boy!) so has been loving the huge monster section on the app but the content it constantly changing which means he doesn't get bored. Can't wait to see what he'll be into next ;)

You can find Kidloland at the following: 
iOS: KidloLand: Kids Nursery Rhymes
Google Play: Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games, ABC Phonics, Preschool 
Amazon Appstore: Nursery Rhymes, ABC Songs - KidloLand



Wow, this is such a great idea. Numidan deliver clothes to your door in your baby's size and when they outgrow them you send them back and receive the next size. Yay! The subscription service is economical, eco-friendly and helps to reduce the baby brain 'oh sh*t, I've run out of clothes in babies size!'.  Those first few months it feels like you are just burning through clothes as your baby grows so quickly, with Numidan it feels like you are part of a community, doing the right thing for the environment and making life easier for yourself!


Love Comma Nursing Wear

How hard is it to find nursing wear that actually looks good?! So, so hard, right? After being pregnant for nine months and then living in a haze of constant feeding and lack of sleep, all I wanted last time round was to be able to put on a nice top, that was also breastfeeding friendly, to head out feeling fab. And this was not an easy task! Finally I found Love Comma (formerly Au Lait) and all my wishes were answered! My fave is “The Tank” but they have a heap of casual and more dressy options to get you through your day and night.  


Thankyou Nappies

These nappies are some of my all time faves, and for a number of pretty good reasons:

1.     they look super stylish on teeny tiny baby bums with all of their fab designs

2.     they work a treat! No leaking, no mess and super comfy

3.     After Thankyou's costs are taken care of, they give 100% of their profits to their charitable trust, to then distribute to life-changing food, water and health and sanitation programs around the world. Ummm ok, great! Now I’m also saving the world while changing my kids pooy bum. Yippee!


Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover

Ok, I’m going to be dead honest and say when I first saw these I thought they were a really stupid idea. Who would use one?  And why would they be so shy to need one? But the reality is just as everyone’s breastfeeding journey is different so is each person's level of comfort with ripping out the ol’ boob for a feed in public. I never thought I would be one of those people – but oh yes I was! I was awkward and uncomfortable and hated the thought of trying to get a scarf to hang in the right spot while getting the baby to attach right and hold him right and what felt like a hundred million other things all at once. So these lovely little covers gave me the confidence to head out in public, to not have to worry about position of clothing and scarves etc but to just get on with things. And anything that helps boost a mama’s confidence to get back out in the world is a massive plus in my mind.