A house full of boys (and full hearts)

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Mum with two sons wearing white tshirt and headband
Meg and boys wearing  Me and Mini Tshirts , Meg wears  Kookai  skirt similar  here , Remy and Austin wear  Next jeans .

Meg and boys wearing Me and Mini Tshirts, Meg wears Kookai skirt similar here, Remy and Austin wear Next jeans.

Never, ever did I think growing up I’d be a boy mama. I was always the little girl wearing pink, going to dancing classes and twirling and swirling around. I even decided at one stage I would only drink pink drinks (wow, fussy much?!). But having two boys in the house (three, if you count hubby too) is showing me a whole new world.

Slime, lego, fart jokes, soccer mornings… all the things that make up my day to day now. And? It is refreshing! Each new phase they go through, a new set of toys, the new ‘in’ thing, some new gross joke (Austin at the moment likes to breath his morning breath on us, using it as a weapon…. um thanks kid haha) is all new to me. What on earth will be next?! I have no idea! But I do know a house full of stinky, naughty, (and oh so very cute) boys makes for a heart full of love <3

Activity day (the best kind of day)

Meg wears Petal &amp; Pup  dress , boys wear Seed Heritage shorts similar  here,  and T’s similar  here

Meg wears Petal & Pup dress, boys wear Seed Heritage shorts similar here, and T’s similar here

My favourite type of day is an ACTIVITY DAY. You know, the type of day where you squeeze in as many things as possible? Preferably at least one big notable activity, and then maybe sandwich it with little ones either side and then you’re making me one happy gal.

Hubby is the opposite. Or maybe he just thinks someone needs the responsibility of calming down my activity day ideas. Our Friday night conversation usually starts with me saying ‘So, I had an idea of what we can do this weekend…’ and then he’ll give me the look. You know the one, that says ‘oh gawddd nooooo’ and he’ll follow it up with ‘Why don’t we just chill this weekend?’

But we all know the saying happy wife, happy life, so yep you guessed it, i usually win that argument. These gorgeous pics hubby took down at Chelsea Beach a few weeks back. Now this was a kicker of an activity day. On the road early in the morning (snacks, bags and outfits all organised the night before for an early departure). We got to the beach super early, and thought it would probably be deserted, but nope half of the peninsula was out for their morning walk. But hey, this made it super fun for the kids with all of the dogs out for a morning splash in the water.

After we’d explored the beach and pier we headed down to Mordialloc to SunnyBoy Beach Club for an early lunch (yep, we were those people waiting for the doors to open at 11.30am #parentlife). Fish and chips all round, babcinos, a sneaky rose, and all with stunning beach views. And after all this we were back on the road heading home by 12.30. And all with plenty time to plan an afternoon activity. Yaaaaaay.

Playtime at Fawkner Park

Meg wears: Country Road  knit , Seed  jeans ,  Oliver Bonas  hat. Austin wears: Country Road  jumper , Next jeans similar  here , Country Road  boots . Remy wears I dig Denim jeans similar  here , Austin's old jumper, Angulus boots similar  here , Pat wears Industrie  chinos , Nique  t-shirt,&nbsp; jacket from several seasons ago.&nbsp;

Meg wears: Country Road knit, Seed jeans, Oliver Bonas hat. Austin wears: Country Road jumper, Next jeans similar here, Country Road boots. Remy wears I dig Denim jeans similar here, Austin's old jumper, Angulus boots similar here, Pat wears Industrie chinos, Nique t-shirt, jacket from several seasons ago. 

Are you even a mum of boys if you don't spend most of your time looking for parks, playing in parks and researching the next park you're going to head to? There's no denying it these boys of mine LOVE the outdoors and I love seeing them so happy when they are out exploring.

Fawkner Park is one of our faves to hit up so I thought I'd share all of the hidden little pockets and areas to play within the park (because it is seriously HUGE we are still finding new areas each time). 

And this sweet little Daffodil field has just popped up (which the boys absolutely loved, especially watching the doggies run wild through them).  If you're hunting it down, it is right near the Slater Street entrance (you can't miss it!).

There's also two playground areas (choices!), the first one is next to Christchurch Grammar School on Toorak road. It's quite cute with a little flying fox and lots of slides for all sizes. If you head down towards South Yarra Primary School there's another two playgrounds here, one for the younger kids and one for older. There's also a great stretch of footpath along here for kids to ride their bikes (or learn how to ride, cuuuute!).

And just on Sunday we found a really sweet little sandpit area behind the Fawkner Park Tennis Centre. Literally we just keep finding more spots! And thank goodness because these boys appetite for playing and exploring is just endlessssss.


Rippon Lea Memories

Wearing:  Isoki baby bag ,&nbsp; Rollas &nbsp;jeans, Swarovski bracelet similar  here ,  Oliver Bonas  hat similar  here ,  I Love Friday  top similar  here

Wearing: Isoki baby bagRollas jeans, Swarovski bracelet similar here, Oliver Bonas hat similar here, I Love Friday top similar here

Last week we went on an adventure to Rippon Lea Mansion. We love it here so much because we were married here waaay back in 2011! And now it's so nice to take the kids here. Remy is obviously too young to really care either way, but Austin goes bananas with all of the space; so many different pathways, hidden bridges and gardens tucked away waiting to be explored.

Austin was in charge of the map and despite not being able to read took his job verrry seriously. There was lots of 'reading' and telling us 'first step is to go here' with random pointing at the map. 

We weren't brave enough to take the kids through the house just yet - I'm sure Mr Austin could get up to a lot of mischief in there with so many intricate trinkets and roped off areas begging to be touched. We'll have to save that for a future visit ;)

And all of this walking down memory lane got me literally walking down memory lane, going through old wedding photos. Literally the best day of my life! So, I had to share some below. Beautiful wedding photography by John Warren at Warren Photography


Baby Bridge

baby bridge silver dress

Outfit details: Dress from Kindred Souls, jacket Kookai - similar here, t-shirt Sportsgirl - similar here, belt Jolie & Deen available in store, bag The Wanderers Travel Co, silver shoes Tony Bianco - similar here.

So we had a wonderful morning out last weekend with baby Remy in the Docklands. Austin went to stay at Granny's house and I LOVE having the one on one time with Remy because it is so few and far between. We explored the Webb Bridge, which is so architecturally interesting but there were bike riders zooming past pretty much the whole time so we had to be super quick looking around. Though mind you, Remy found this pretty interesting. 

This beautiful dress was from Kindred Souls clothing worn two ways - one with a black t-shirt over for a casual look, and the other a going out look with a leather jacket. 

So in love with the silver foil print... yep, pretty sure this beautiful dress is going to be on repeat alll summer long!




Fresh summer hair - oh yeah!

reindeer toddler
tobi autumn dress
reindeer toddler and mum
tobi dress jord watch
Silly faces toddler and mum
Wearing:  Dress  by  Tobi , belt from  Zimmerman  - similar  here ,  Jord watch ,  Mimco  bag - similar  here &nbsp;,  Sachi  shoes - similar  here &nbsp;and  Clinique Pop Glaze lipstick in fireball

Wearing: Dress by Tobi, belt from Zimmerman - similar here, Jord watch, Mimco bag - similar here , Sachi shoes - similar here and Clinique Pop Glaze lipstick in fireball

Sooo, as you all know I'm just a littttle bit (ALOT) excited for Christmas! Austin and I just had our fresh summer hair cuts (WOOP - first hairdresser visit in 6 months for me). He looks SO grown up with his hair all chopped off and we are all ready for our first CHRISTMAS PARTY of the year!

Its our big family Xmas do on my dads side and Austin is going to have sooo much fun. There are 14 great-grandkids (of my nana!) going, and at least over 40 people all up. Its going to be EPIC but alot of fun. 

Here's to some very tired kiddies tonight ;)

The Kid Can Run

kid running
Tobi playsuit with roses
Tobi dress with kids and roses
baby in sky aeroplane top
Pink Tobi playsuit dress
Tobi playsuit with pink roses and toddler
Wearing:  Romper &nbsp;by  Tobi ,  Seed PomPom Earrings &nbsp;,  Karen Walker  Sunglasses - similar  here &nbsp;,  Swarovski  bracelet - similar  here &nbsp;and  Clinique   Chubby lipstick  in Roomiest Rose

Wearing: Romper by Tobi, Seed PomPom Earrings , Karen Walker Sunglasses - similar here , Swarovski bracelet - similar here and Clinique Chubby lipstick in Roomiest Rose

Just because you take your kids to the best rose garden in Victoria doesn't mean they'll loooove it as much as you do. The Victorian State Rose Garden was CHOCK full of roses, of pretty much every colour. They really did take my breath away. But well Austin.... he wasn't so in to the roses. He was, however, in to running through all of the tracks, and also through the grass and really enjoyed running noisily past all the granny's taking an interest in the roses (sorrrry). He liked getting (too) close to all of the bees hovering around. And also managed to make a little friend to run around with. Geez, the kid sure can run!

He did at least have fun though. And was totally exhausted after. Winning!

The Rose Garden is located in The Werribee Park Precinct, so there is heaps to do in the area - you could pack a picnic then visit The Werribee Zoo or historic Mansion. Yay, for days out!

It's party time... for at least half an hour

Wearing:  Tobi Dress &nbsp;,&nbsp; Seed Earrings &nbsp;,  Marcus B  shoes -  similar here  , Serra hat -  similar here &nbsp;, Karen Walker  sunglasses  , Burt's Bees  Lipstick &nbsp;in 'Sunset Cruise' , Vintage Ipes bag -  similar here &nbsp;and Swarovski bracelet - similar  here

Wearing: Tobi Dress , Seed Earrings , Marcus B shoes - similar here , Serra hat - similar here , Karen Walker sunglasses , Burt's Bees Lipstick in 'Sunset Cruise' , Vintage Ipes bag - similar here and Swarovski bracelet - similar here

Tobi party dress with hat
Tobi off shoulder dress
Tobi party dress family photo
Tobi dress with balloons and toddler
Before my  Tobi  dress got completely covered in kiddie mess

Before my Tobi dress got completely covered in kiddie mess

Walking to the party like a BOSS because you are OH, SO ORGANISED today. Got the kids, check. The balloons, check. On time? Oh yeah, you know we are! Baby food? Yep! Toddler food? All ready. Spare clothes are sorted and packed. Sunscreen and hats are in the bag. Toys for the kids are aplenty. 

We are the first to arrive and feeling good. So we sit down to a beautiful glass of rose. But we totally forgot the first rule of parenting - don't ever get too comfortable. Too cocky. Too.... much like you are just NAILING the situation. Because inevitably...

The toddler tries to run away. The balloons get knocked off in the process. See ya later balloons. You realise you have got the start time of the birthday lunch an HOUR WRONG. The kids manage to get dirt and/or food all over their clothes (I mean, really, who knows what it is??). By the time everyone arrives you are hot and bothered,  balloonless, with two messy little kids and everyone has missed the DAMN first thirty minutes of when you actually had your shit together. 

Well, we almost got it completely right. Let's just say NEXT TIME it will go perfectly. 

Christmas is...

wood watch
wooden watch

Christmas with kids is sneaking presents in to the house and wrapping them in the dark of night. Coz you just KNOW they will hunt down that one cupboard at the back of the wardrobe where the stash is.

Christmas is having your toddler be forever traumatised from the one time his daddy dressed up as Santa at playgroup. Come on, when will he ever forget this moment?! 

Christmas with a six month old is being so excited to watch him get sooo close to crawling, but then also hoping he holds off until after the big day to save the Christmas tree from destruction. Fingers crossed!

Christmas as a mum is gifting yourself an awesome present… because there is no guarantee someone else will get it (no matter how hard you hint at it). Hello, an awesome wood watch from Jord. Wooden, unique and all mine. Let's just pop it under the tree and say it’s from Santa, shall we?

Christmas as a family is so damn infectious. How can you not get hyped up when your toddler asks every single day if he can open the presents under the Christmas tree? I’m just hanging out to see all the excitement on their little faces on the big day.

Yep, Christmas sure is for early starts and late nights. For huge shiny trees covered in baubles and sparkly lights. But mostly it's for the looks on their darling little faces and squeals of delight. To know as a parent you must be doing something right.

First Christmas as a family of four, here we go!

If you want to gift yourself or someone you love one of these unique wooden watches Jord is offering my readers 25% off for the holiday season, just jump here to receive your special code. Also, I've linked Jords women’s watches, men's watches and also mine here. You can thank me later when you get to cross some presents off your list! :)


Feedwear - the definitive* list


When I had Austin I found it SO hard to find clothes to wear when going out, or staying in, or you know, doing damn anything. I was already so stressed with a newborn child to look after, I just wanted something to put on that made me feel good and I could breastfeed with (God knows a woman’s already been through enough by the time she's popped that little bubba out!). Something as small as feeling good about a new top, or confident that you can rip the boob out quick enough for your little babe is all the confidence a gal needs!

So, I’m not sure if things have changed over the last three years, or I’ve just chanced upon a SHIP load of awesome brands over the last few months…. BUT there is a HEAP of options out there (if you know where to look!)

So… my gift to you is sharing all of these fabulous brands in the 'Feedwear Directory' so that all you mamas out there can avoid all of the hell annoying ground work I did (countless google searches for button down shirts, ‘chic’ nursing clothes, or anything with a zip!). 

You can click on each brand below to be taken directly to their website. Happy shopping mama's there is some awesome clothes awaiting you! 


The Feedwear Directory


The Purists (feedwear all the way)



Hello Monday Active

Max and Mee


Ripe Maternity  Knit  and  Jeans

Ripe Maternity Knit and Jeans

The Staples (oh yeah, you know these goodies!)

Ripe Maternity 

Queen Bee 



*…when I say ‘definitive’ I mean ‘this is the info I have so far’ so if you know of any other fab nursing wear brands drop them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to keep this little baby updated.