A winter walk


What to do on a cold wintery Sunday? Head for a pub roast of course! Because we are the disorganised people we are, we didn’t book anywhere (which we now know is beyond essential if you want to get a table), so we spent the afternoon strolling around trying to find a pub that could fit us.

When we first got to England we were told the pubs here are basically childcare on Sundays and I can see why. Every pub we passed had kids sitting down to meals, high chairs galore and families getting ready to eat. Of course this is between all of your usual Sunday drinkers but it’s a thing.

So here’s (the quick) run down of our search process:
Pub 1 – only tables outside. Its cold. And awkward. And no thanks.
Pub 2 – looks super kid friendly and super full. Yep, no free tables. Damn!
Pub 3 – there is a table available for one hour until its actual booking arrives. Yippee! We only need one hour anyway (its not like we’re going to lounge around all afternoon with an active toddler – as much as it would be nice to).

Sitting in The Hunter while the sun set (at 330pm, yikes!) felt so English. We learnt what Yorkshire pudding is (essentially a piece of pastry – wow the name really is misleading). And after all of that walking our roast chicken couldn’t come quick enough. Delicious!