It's time to cut that hair!


Soft wispy baby hair. Sweet little baby mullet. The cutest softest curls falling on to the face. And into the eyes. All day long. We've put this off, over and over again... but it is time to get a haircut. 

We've seen other kids getting haircuts before, there was one that stood out. It was in a kids clothing store where they had a haircut section. And the kid was screaming. He was SO scared of the scissors, and there was nothing to distract him. It looked like an absolute nightmare. 

Our first haircut experience went pretty damn well. Mata Mata was amazing. It's a hairdresser built specifically for kids and they've thought of pretty much everything. Racing car seats. Check. Tv's with DVD's. Check. Books and toys galore. Check. Austin got a lovely big red balloon when he was finished as well as a packet of sultanas, and they also tied up some locks of his hair in blue ribbon so I can get all sentimental about it when he's 21 years old. They have just nailed the market so well, they even have toys and clips and all sorts of kids goodies for sale (and damn it, of course Austin wanted the trucks that had to be bought). 

No crying, no tears, no tantrums. Phew. And his hair looks pretty good too.