It's Christmas Market time!


It's nearly Christmas - yippee! So we just had go down to Upper Street and check out the shops, especially the CHRISTMAS MARKET, and especially, especially when you are from Australia and have never been to one... but it really was not that exciting at all. Boooo. Unless you have about 20 granny's to buy for. We did manage to get a toy for Austin which was supposed to be for Christmas day but he was acting like he was going to die if he didn't get it right now, so instead of the drama we just caved and gave it to him (woo, parents of the year).

So our Christmas Market visit was a big fat flop. I'm pretty sure it's because the one we went to was teeny tiny, meeny miny, and maybe also, if we had some mulled wine I think it would have spiced up the visit nicely. Everything feels more festive with a glass of warm mulled wine in your tum. 

But hey, we gave it a shot, and we can tick it off the list. Now to just finish all of that shopping we didn't get done... eek!