Easy as Airbnb


Airbnb had to be the best choice for holiday accom in Brussels. Staying with a toddler in a hotel room would have been a struggle to say the least. Seriously how do people do it? Austin is a fussy eater to begin with, so purchasing all of his meals out would not go down very well. Then there's the lack of space. And theeen when he goes to sleep at night, I guess we'd just have to hope he sleeps real heavily, or sit in silence? eek!

The airbnb we picked was right near the Grand Place where all of the beautiful old buildings are and walking distance to all the fun places (the comic book museum - hello Smurfs and Tin Tin, the Manneken Pis and beautiful views from Le Monts des Arts). And so perfect for o'ding on cheese and hams while tucked away in our apartment with Austin sleeping at night.

I think this will be the way to do the rest of Europe, more exploring here we come.