Holidays... its child's play


I guess like most toddlers Austin can be a wee bit fussy when it comes to eating, sleeping, routine…,you know, just about everything. And this can make going on holidays a bit of a pain in the arse. But a few family vacays down, I think (and I hope) that we’re starting to get the hang of things…. well at least to minimise the arsieness and maximise the loveliness of holidaying with a toddler. (Yep, behind the smiling photos is a cranky toddler just waiting to BREAK OUT). 

We were pretty lucky on this trip down to East Dean to be staying in a beautiful home (hello lovely exploring photos above), we had Pat’s parents with us (wooo an extra set of hands) and we were in England so I could do a big ol supermarket shop with all of Austin’s favourites.

But for the rest of the time we’ve learnt holidaying can take some military style precision and planning (am I right mums?). I’m sure there are some people in the world who can just lug off their kids anywhere and they just sit around smiling and laughing… but after one or two (errm or 3) trial runs we’ve started to work out what works for us.

1.     First things first… pack pretty much everything… and then add the kitchen sink. If you have almost everything normal around you, your kid will never know you’ve left home, right?

2.     Ok scrap point 1, don’t pack everything, just pack the essentials. And by essentials I mean… just about everything and the kitchen sink. Ha. Bedding and sheets. Bath toys. Some of his fave toys. Oh and before bed toys and books. Eating utensils and cutlery. And bibs. And then add the rest of his riff raff… ok, the suitcase is pretty full by now.

3.    Now for all of the stuff that won’t fit in the case… just beg, borrow or steal. Ok that’s bad advice. Don’t steal. You could beg or borrow though. Or better still, check if they have them at your hotel/accommodation. A high chair is a massive MUST for us. The kid won’t eat without it. Portacot – also pretty damn critical. The kids gotta sleep. And if there’s one already at the accom then that’s one less thing to lug around. Nappies and baby wipes. They take up sooooo much room. Shall we go shopping when we get there? Maybe one or two things for mum too?

4.     And then of course there is the toddler foooood. I really do envy peoples kids who will pretty much eat anything, anywhere. We’ve started packing as many snacks, and pre-packaged foods that will get through customs (legally, of course) as possible. If the only thing he’s going to eat is a damn apple flavoured cracker then that’s a massive WIN for us.

5.     And we can’t forget all of the usual suspects: pyjamas, singlets, pants, tops, jumpers, bathers (please, SUMMER HOLIDAY next??) toothbrush, shoes, socks, comfy pants…

So ok, what have I forgotten? I’m sure I’ve forgotten something… hmmm what is it?!. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll remember…. as soon as we’ve arrived at our next holiday destination.