Review: Dunlopillo Pillows

mum and kid making bed

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed… Ok, it wasn’t two little monkeys jumping on the bed, it was just one and his name is Austin! Don’t you love it when your kids want to ‘help’ with the housework and then everything take 10 times as long to get done.

Well Mr. 5 year old was my little helper making the bed… which meant rolling around in the sheets, making a mountain with the pillows and jumping under the covers every time I pulled them over. Thanks so much for all your help buddy! ;)

We just got new pillows, which are so comfy! They are Dunlopillo, and they have their own online diagnostic tool to help Aussies pick the perfect pillow. And thank goodness for that because I’ve never known what pillow would work best for me… feather, synthetic, latex… too many choices! The tool takes into account what way you prefer to sleep (front, side, back) and any ailments, allergies, back or neck pain.

I’m one week in with the new pillows and I’ve been sleeping like a dream all week. Perfecto!