I have a 5 year old, wait what?!

Meg wears  JFahri dress ,  Tony Bianco  shoes similar  here . Austin wears  Nike Court Royale’s ,  Target Tshirt,  Next  jeans .

Meg wears JFahri dress, Tony Bianco shoes similar here. Austin wears Nike Court Royale’s, Target Tshirt, Next jeans.

So something happened. Yep, the kid turned 5. FIVE, yes, F I V E.

Wow, I’m not really sure when or how this happened. Ok, it actually was a few weeks back now. But this little boy, who was once my little baby, is BIG. Like growing REAL big. He’ll be taller than me soon (ok, we all know that won’t take much effort ha ha).

They say time goes fast when you’ve got kids and I’m pretty sure I blinked and five years passed, but well here we are. And because Austin is 5 now, we have been looking at where to send him to school next year. We are keen for him to go to one of the local state schools, and have put in his application. We are pretty much on the borderline of two schools and are applying to the one which is just on the other side. Fingers crossed it all goes well, will keep you posted!