Life's a beach

Meg wears: H&M dress ( similar here ), zimmerman belt ( similar here ). Austin wears:  H&M  swim shorts,  Cotton-On  polo, Cotton-on jumper ( similar here ),  Native  sandals.

Meg wears: H&M dress (similar here), zimmerman belt (similar here).
Austin wears: H&M swim shorts, Cotton-On polo, Cotton-on jumper (similar here), Native sandals.

When google says it will take 30 minutes to get to the destination and for some strange reason you believe it. Because you forget to take into account that your toddler will refuse to get in the pram. And then every five minutes you’ll need to stop because he wants a snack. And a drink. Then his hands cleaned. Then he’ll stop to look in every second window you pass. Then you will get to the station just as the train is coming. But miss it. Soooo our short 30 minute journey time didn’t quite work out how we thought it would.

BUT we did eventually make it to Beach Beast. Yay! The colour. The rides. The sand. The boardwalk. Oh GEEEZ. Sooo much fun for small people. Us big people didn’t mind it either. But you know, once you’re over 30 and sleep deprived and needing coffee bad you get a little jaded. If it wasn’t for Austin’s excitement (and the frappuccino’s all round) we probably would’ve wondered why we were there… but toddler excitement is damn infectious. So WEEEE we went on the rides, we ate the food and we dug in the sand.

We could’ve stuck around to sit in the Olympic Games zone, or check out the bar or splash in the paddle pool… but there’s only so much fun a toddler can take in one day.