Woodberry Wetlands

Austin wears: Cotton-On polo (similar  here ), H&M  jeans , Native  shoes . Meg wears: Karen Walker  sunglasses , Karen Millen dress (similar  here ). 

Austin wears: Cotton-On polo (similar here), H&M jeans, Native shoes.
Meg wears: Karen Walker sunglasses, Karen Millen dress (similar here). 

We had such a great morning at the Woodberry Wetlands on the weekend. And we managed to do it without Austin having some sort of meltdown or me forgetting a critical element in Austin's backpack or all of us jumping on the wrong bus to god knows where. We had to get a break at some point right? Or maybe we’re just super-amazing-best-parents-in-the-world (hahaha. Ok, I’ll stop getting carried away now).

The wetlands were so perfect for our Saturday morning stroll on so many levels… 

  1. Austin could run and run and run (woooo, you wear yourself out kid!).
  2. There were no roads for him to run on to. Thank gawd. The kid has a knack for giving me heart attacks.
  3. For a family which is used to city living you can get your dose of nature all in the one spot. Beautiful wildflower meadows, ducks on the wetlands, birds flying above. Sigh. It was pretty picturesque. <3
  4. And probably the most important part I can get one of my all time fave London coffees while on the walk. Yess! Lizzy's delivering the goods as usual, let alone the absolute amazeballs menu.

So yeah, we had a pretty good morning. Boom. Not gonna hold my breath, but here’s hoping we can replicate this unicorn of a day out next week.