The sweetest of summers


So after doing two looong winters in a row, summer has finally arrived (wooo!) and a little bit of vitamin d goes a long way in this rainy city.

Everyone goes a bit crazy; half days are given at work so that people can ‘soak up the sun’, it’s a holiday frenzy for young and old, and the sun doesn’t go down until 930pm (what the whaat). When there is even just a glimmer of sunshine people set up base camp at the park for the day. Deck chairs, books, picnics, portable bbqs. They may as well bring the kitchen sink with them.  

And now that Austin has learned what icy-poles are he is completely hooked (let's be real he likes sucking on ice cubes, so an icy pole must seem like a rainbow on a stick). And it is all fun and games until he pushes his callipo too far up and it splats on the floor. Don’t worry I think he will learn very quickly how to master the old callipo icy-pole.