Welcome to the terrible(-y awesome) twos

Austin wears: Jumper  Mini Rodini , Hat and Jeans H&M ( here  and  here ), Shoes Jordan's (similar  here ) Meg wears: Necklace  Minty Wendy Boutique,  Shoes FCUK (similar  here ), Dress Mango

Austin wears: Jumper Mini Rodini, Hat and Jeans H&M (here and here), Shoes Jordan's (similar here)
Meg wears: Necklace Minty Wendy Boutique, Shoes FCUK (similar here), Dress Mango

When your baby boy turns two… he is no longer a baby anymore - believe me!

He is at least half your height, espesh when you're a shorty like me. He knows exactly what he wants when he wants it; he knows what he likes (oh yeaaaah!) and oh boy you will learn quickly what he dislikes. He won’t let you help him, hardly (I am Mr Independent!) except for the rare moments when he is tired or upset and wants to be curled up in a ball on your lap (sigh). He is exploring and learning and testing all day long. Every day he is doing something new or saying something new (we just got the uh-oh over and over the last few days).

He is sooo grown up in so many ways. But forever our little baby boy in our hearts. <3 Happy Birthday little man. And welcome to the terrible(-y awesome) twos!