Ten ways we just got Britain-ised


So we were walking to Father's Day lunch on the weekend, and i couldn't help but notice we're picking up all of these strange habits living here in England. Yep, I think we just got Britain-ised. I'm sure there are a heap more but here are ten ways I've found us acting more and more like Brits:

  1. celebrating father's day in June (say whaaat?!).
  2. thinking 18-22 de grees is a real stinker of a day. Phew, soooo hot. (Hahaha, if only they knew what hot weather really is). 
  3. using sunday as your standard pub lunch day (yep two sunday's in a row and counting).
  4. saying hi to pretty much everyone with 'you right?' Yes my dear, I am "right". 
  5. calling a bug a mini beast.... ok that is a lie! I will never be able to call a bug or a beetle or anything like that a mini beast. Though it does make a normal situation sound way more exciting. 'Pat, come quickly there's a mini beast in the bathroom!'
  6. walk pretty much all over London and always wear runners. Ugh, i know. 
  7. expect to split a restaurant bill by about 10 cards. To be fair, i think this is pretty normal the world over (except for us aussies back home). 
  8. calling the pram a buggy. I really tried to avoid this. What in the hell is a buggy anyway? Are we on a golf course? Where's my caddy to push it? Turns out the name is pretty damn catchy.
  9. catch the bus. ALL. THE. TIME. I think i caught the bus once in my whole life back in Melbourne. 
  10. given up on shopping centres. Oh, this makes me really sad. We're all like 'let's just head down to the high street' now. Yep, every suburb has its own little high street, and although it's no Chaddy Shopping Centre I'm getting used to my local little village.