I like to move it, move it


Ok, that is a complete lie! Well at least when the 'move it, move it' is referring to moving houses. Which is probably pretty obvs from the photos because we were only in the new place for 24 hours when I thought it would be a fabulous idea to go explore the park down the road. And wear a pretty dress. And take some toys. And have a picnic. Because I am totally practical like that.

Let me just say moving homes with a toddler is nowhere near as hard as moving homes with a toddler and a baby, or a toddler and several kids or even a toddler while being pregnant (which I'm not)... but it is most def harder than moving without any kids.

So if you are about to do the big ol' move yourself and wondering what to expect, a little list for you:

  1. One thing is for sure when moving houses with a toddler you can feel confident that as soon as you've done one task your toddler will create an equally as big if not bigger task for you (woooo isnt this fun?!) My favourite from the weekend was when Austin found the box of rice bubbles (why did I think they would be safely hidden under the sink? Why???), poured them on the couch and then tried to see how many he could push in to the cracks of the cushions. Turns out he is pretty good at pushing them in to the cracks. And they are so damn small. Even after vacuuming Im still finding them hidden everywhereeee. 
  2. Toddlers will not nap on this day (or if they do it will take a HUGE amount of effort to get them to do so) so dont under any circumstances rely on this precious time for unpacking (or resting yourself).
  3. If you let your toddler watch the van being packed, in particular his unboxed toys being carted off (wooden trike, push oven, scooter) he will go BANANAS over the horrible men who are TAKING AWAY HIS TOOOOYYYYSSSSS. Damn. Letting him watch at the window seemed like such a good idea.
  4. Although you will finish the day exhausted but satisfied don't get overly excited for bed and sleep because you know that there will be little of it with the small one in a new area waking through the night calling out for maaaaaaaa
  5. The toddlers room will of course look pristine and perfect by end of day one while the rest of the house is a maze of unopened boxes and piles of 'things to put away'

Here's to the next three weeks (or months... or ever??) of getting the rest of the house in order.