I like piña colada's, dirty nappies and days by the beach


Ah, the things we do on holiday with our toddler. To anyone without kids they would seem oh, so very wacky. But this is just normal life people, nothing to look at here, keep it on moving! 

Just a few of our fave holiday past times are: 

  • long walks along the beach holding hands... oh, oops I mean, long walks through back alleys pushing the pram to get your toddler to have his daytime nap
  • afternoons spent lazing by the... couch indoors and out of the sun. Yep, this means coming home pretty damn pale
  • acting like a one hour time difference is a gift sent from god. That's right, a one hour time difference means instead of your kid waking at 6am every morning you get to sleep in until 7am! (I am not even being sarcastic right now, this is actual pure joy)
  • flying with 300 of your closest friends! Yay! Thomas and Lightning McQueen and Pepper and Mr Bulldozer and just about every single toy and book that will fit into every crevice of our beings
  • perfecting your best 'I'm really trying my best but sometimes there is only so much you can do and my toddler will still keep crying no matter what I do' face when walking through quaint little towns
  • treating midday nap time like a vacation from your vacation. Oh my god what are we gonna do for the next two hours? Go shopping? Go for lunch? Cocktails at a bar? Cocktails on the beach? Cocktails on the beach while having a massage? Eh, let's just fall in a heap and sleep. Yeah, that sounds good.
  • Running around the pool like absolute mad people playing dinosaurs. Thank god we rented a house and weren't staying at a resort. Or actually I don't know, that could've been kind of funny too. Raaaaa.

I’m not gonna BS holidays are so different with our little man in tow, but they’re still fun as hell.