Pretty views on Primrose Hill


Sunday Funday didn't fail to deliver this week. We were off on an early start (always the aim, but not always the game), and got to the very pretty Primrose Hill right before the crowds arrived. Austin wasn't overly impressed by the view (and well I don't blame him, he is only 22 months after-all), but he did enjoy seeing the dogs that were on their morning walk, running down the hill and picking out little daisies from the grass (CUTE!). 

I can totally imagine having an evening drink sitting on this hill in summer, watching the sun set, bottle of champagne and picnic basket by our sides... HAHAHA YEAH RIGHT IN OUR DREAMS. But hey, we did get the early morning view which was pretty damn good. 

The Zoo is right nearby too but errrm we didn't go (it is high on our Summer to do list though). After the gardens we walked down Regents Canal and landed smack bang in Camden Market. It was only 10am but who am I to deny my stomach from all of those AMAZING food stalls. So we ate sticky pork buns with crackling and slaw.... followed by ham and cheese croquettes. So very VERY satisfying. If I had room left over the cronut and donut stall would have had to watch out. 

Loving the holiday feels of an average weekend out and about.