Sleepless in South Bank


I always give advice to get out the door first thing in the morning when sightseeing. But it can be a bit hard to take your own advice when your kid wakes up at 5am every day. 

The positive side of our late departure on our sightseeing adventure (aside from the much needed extra sleep we all got) was that Austin fell asleep on the way there (wooo) which meant we could have a lovely lunch at The Green Room. Burger + glass of wine + chats without simultaneously entertaining a child = it was pretty damn good (double woo).

The downside to getting out the door about 4 hours after we intended was that everywhere was soooo crowded. We wanted to walk around and check out the street art but found out pretty quickly that the majority is in the skate park. Literally, in it. So probably not the best place to go for a walk with a sleeping baby. You know, on account of the teenagers riding the bikes, and skateboards directly at you.

So we just cruised around anyway. There's a heap in this little spot, and if it wasn’t so cold we would’ve stuck around longer. Views of Big Ben, The Eye right next door, a cute as little merry go round (weeee), an adventure park for the kids and the shops and restaurants of the Southbank Centre. I’d say we’d go back in summer but really if it was this packed when it was freezing its gonna be all sorts of hell busy in summer. So thank you very muchly and see ya later South Bank.