Things that make my toddler cry #everything


Ok, these photos are totally not crying photos, because Austin has been waaaay better behaved this week. And also, when he is mid-tantrum it is stress-city people, so I’m not all jumping for the camera.

But for anyone with a toddler you’ll know that the smallest of smallest of things can lead to a full-blown ‘category A’ meltdown. Oh no.

Which leads me to this, a list of things that make my toddler cry:

1.     That he’s tired

2.     That he’s tired but doesn’t want to go to sleep

3.     That he does want to go to sleep but he can’t get to sleep

4.     Because he doesn’t want to get dressed (specifically):

a.     Putting on his jacket (it’s 3 degrees out in the morning peeps we need the jackets on!)

b.     Putting on his shoes. Full. Blown. Meltdown.

c.      Putting on his naaaaaapyyyyy…. but at least this one causes a laughing toddler running around the house getting chased. What a nice change from the TANTRUMATOR.

5.     Because he’s hungry (but doesn’t want anything I offer, and can’t tell me what he wants. Actually, that does sound pretty frustrating).

6.     Because he’s hankering for his bottle of milk like a crack addict looking for a hit (he wants it REALLLLLLLL bad). Oh gawd. We really gotta wean him off that.

7.     Because he doesn’t want to get in the pram.

8.     Because… well…. because I’m not even sure he knows half the time.

9.     Because he feels like it?


Pretty please, let this phase be done and dusted (overly optimistic? Don’t burst my bubble people!).