Top 3 tourist spots with your under two's


Ok, so I’m not going to even pretend that I’m some sort of travel expert. Just want to be straight up and get that out first. We’ve probably seen about 10% of what London has to offer (there is soooo much to do and we’re limited by the travel time that a toddler can cope with). BUT based on all of the places we’ve been so far… da da da daaaaa, I present to you ‘Mega's Top Three Tourist Spots To Visit With Your Under Two’s’ (ok, I feel like that line could’ve been a bit punchier but we ran out of coffee pods this morning so my brain is probably at quarter capacity right now).


1.     London Transport Museum

The London transport museum was pretty much Austin’s idea of HEAVEN. They have over three levels of full size buses, trains and horse drawn carts. And on top of that pretty much the whole museum is designed with little kiddy’s in mind, from stamp sheets for each exhibit to the amazing kids play area. And because it’s in Covent Garden you don’t have to trek half away across the city to get there. Yippee!

Prices: Adult 17, concession 14.50, under 18 free
Extra tips: Free buggy park and cloak room on site

2.     The London Eye

So the London eye itself is a pretty short ride (a bit of a splurge for the thirty minutes you get - so no napping on the job people) but we LOVED it! You get an awesome view of all the main city sights and it’s in the perfect location to tag team it with some of London’s best (hello, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey). 

Prices: Adult 23.50, child 17.50, under 4 free
Extra tips: expect to ‘fold down’ your buggy to get on and a decent queue from about 12 noon onwards

3.     Manor house visit

We visited Fenton House and I’ve said it before but yep I’m a big ol dork, so this is right up my alley! I mean really what is London until you’ve visited a fancy pants manor house? We chose this one as it's close to us but there are so many in London so wherever you’re staying there should be one nearby. Just visit the National Trust website to make your pick!

Prices: Adult 7.20 child 3.60
Extra tips: If you have time pack a picnic to eat in the gardens

And on our to do list of places that sound fabulous but we haven’t got to yet is both the Natural History Museum and Science Museum. Ok, now that this is in the open I feel I've made myself somewhat accountable as I've been putting these ones off forever because of the 70 minute travel time, yikes!  But enough is enough it is time to get there!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend out and about.