The seven BIG TIME risks we take as parents


There are SO many risks we take as parents, but here are my top seven (enjoy):

  1. Putting a blanket on a sleeping baby. You KNOW this is a risk. And yet you can't stop yourself from doing it (what if they get cold?) Mama’s gonna keep this baby warm! And 3, 2, 1, WAAAAH.
  2. Doing ‘no nappy time’ before 12 noon. Or any time. MASSIVE risk. Hello poopville. 
  3. Using chocolate as a bribe… it’s a slippery slope to chocolate meals all day long… oh GAWD.
  4. Getting the nail scissors out to cut fingernails. You would think having a sharp object near a wiggling child would be a bad idea. And yet here we go again, every two weeks.
  5. Putting your kid in bed with you at his 4am wake up for a desperate attempt at some extra sleep ("you should be careful, you know, this could become a habit, you know" yes, yes, we KNOW).
  6. That one last glass of champagne on your night off because 'you deserve it'. Because, like, everyone feels awesome at 5am in the morning after a few champers. WOOO. 
  7. The old move the baby from the car seat to pram trick. SO RISKY. But when it pays off it is literally the best high five moment. 

So. Many. Risks. Just call us mama's (and dad's) modern day warriors.