Two of a kind


What do you get when you visit two museums in one day with over two hours travel time and on a hang over? You get a bad cold and have to put up with being sick all week. BUT before that happens you have a pretty awesome day.

Museum 1: V&A Museum where the entry is free, the courtyard is beautiful and there are loads of exhibits. We had lunch in the 'oldest museum cafe in the world' which was a combination of damn fancy and new and classy (not bad eh?). And then caught a quick glimpse of some of the exhibits on the way out. Basically we saw very little here and we were SO tempted to stick around but after travelling for an hour and ten minutes to get to this part of town we had our eyes on the prize..... the Science Museum!

Which brings us to... museum 2: The Science Museum. Two minutes inside and Austin spotted a car on the roof so we trekked up two flights of stairs to stare at it, and stare at it and stare at it. Then there were a whole heap of ho-hum exhibits, probably just that itsy bit too old for Austin. Just as we were starting to give up hope of anything good appearing we found the tractor exhibit BOO-YA, which was followed by cars, engines, planes and space ships.... WOOOO. Austin LOVED it. Love seeing his little hands fly like crazy when he is SUPER excited. 

Small note to self for next time, maybe chill out on the two museums in one day thing. Was just a tad crazy and really, it's pretty hard to get the most out of them when you're rushing around like a madman. Phew. Do love squeezing every bit of fun out of the day though. Consider this day well squeezed.