Baby banksy


So here we've been trekking half way across the city every weekend to visit the sights when there's a whole shipload of amazing street art right on our doorstep. Ok, this is probably the case all over London but we actually decided to open our eyes to it this weekend and our walk to the art shop became a mini street art tour. 

We had a little moment in front of this Egyptian work by Zabou. And i don't mean just a photo moment. Let's just say mummy should remember to put the pram on lock when not using it. There was a bit of a rollaway situation (don't stress, the kid wasn't in the pram). So that provided a nice bit of drama for our walk. The pram rolling away, Pat diving to grab it before it rolled on to the road, and thank god there were no cars going past at the moment because we might have given someone a heart attack (pram on the road, pram on the ROAAAADDDD!)

There's a heap of other artworks down Essex road too, including a banksy and a stack by bambi. Not bad for a Saturday afternoon stroll.