How not to day tour with a toddler


We did a little day tour to Brighton over the Christmas break and although it was very pretty and we all had a great day I thought I'd share my tips on 'how not to day tour with a toddler' based on our fabulous little day trip:

  • Get your toddler to wake at 4.30 am (Ok clearly we did not do this by choice. This is holy as hell early even for him).
  • No problemo. Get your toddler to sleep in the car on the way. But then make sure he wakes up after 20 minutes. (F. It’s going to be a long day. Oh and no, we did not wake him up, again, but just rolling with the punches at this stage.)
  • Ensure toddler is grumpy when he wakes.
  • Now, mummy should go ahead and buy every toy under the sun in a desperate attempt to keep the kid happy and entertained (massive cheat method – sure to win some parent of the year awards woo).
  • Walk around looking for restaurants while on the phone trying to find a restaurant that will take 5 people with a kid. (Why do I never listen to my own advice and actually get organised?!)
  • End up at Pizza Express.
  • Give in to the truth that you’ve always known but have been denying for the last 18 months. Pizza Express is now your life. And will be for probably the next 15 years.  
  • Stare in awe at the amazeballs super parents at the table next to you dealing with four kids under four, the youngest being twins of 6 months while they sit and eat a fine old meal while having a chat with a glass of wine.
  • Do tend to a bit of shop-hopping on the way back to the car and make the most wonderful purchase of a beautiful new winter coat (inspired most likely by the two glasses of wine consumed at Pizza Express). 
  • Finish the day being more tired than your kid. (Honestly, how does he not get tired?)
  • Sit back and realise through all the chaos he's a bloody little legend, cranky pants and all.