I said a BRRRRR


Yep it's cold out here! Here I was thinking geez I am owning this winter thing all late November and through December. Heading outside? Sure no probs! Cruising through the park? You betcha! Feeling cold? Eh, no biggie I'm FIIINEEEEEEE. 

Ok, did I mention it was the mildest December in London, EVER? Like, literally the warmest December on record? Ah yep. Ok so that has finished now. And here we are in January. And the weather is pretty consistently -3 to a top of 4. Hello winter!

And I'm not sure if anyone else's toddler is the same but Austin has an extreme aversion to winter clothes! Argh, it is WAY too cold to be cruising around in shorts and a t-shirt kid. The good news is we've upgraded from 'no I won't wear any form of head ware on my cute little head' to 'I will try to be like daddy and wear a flat cap for a minimal amount of time'. I am not going to sneeze at this. I will take this as PROGRESS. Who knows, by the time summer comes around we might have him in cute little bunny beanies, scarves and gloves. And then the next challenge will arrive.... sunglasses and sun hats! Damn, I am a sucker for a kid in accessories though. Oh the joys.