Hello London

Baby meltdown alert

Baby meltdown alert

Just like most of life, London touring with a baby is slightly more difficult than life without a baby but it can also be more exciting and certainly more unexpected.

Instead of just doing the walking around, been there, done that situation you actually stop and take it in, and when the small man is making ‘ooh ooh’ sounds at every passing red bus, big building and general tourist walking by the whole day takes on a whole new shiny, exciting feeling.

We started off getting the bus to Big Ben, getting off on the other side of the bridge (which immensely annoyed Pat) as I wanted to get photos looking across to Big Ben. Getting in early worked a treat as there were few people around and all was going FABULOUSLY until Austin had a super melt down ‘no more damn photos!’  The moment was made even better as several French tourists walked past with a what terrible parents are you look on their faces. But really all he wanted to do was give his legs a little run before falling dead off to sleep.

This little spot near Big Ben is a great area to do your tourist walk as there is so much in the one area. We walked up past Westminster Abbey and then down Derby Gate where there were some beautiful buildings to ogle but um yeah, I don’t know what buildings they were so, sorry can’t tell you. Some type of government, queen something.

Trafalgar square was next and if we had time we would have popped in to the National Gallery, but baby was sleeping so we were on a deadline. Time for a coffee stop so we went to Pret in Trafalgar Sqaure – my advice would be AVOID. They do not have toilets, which is pretty annoying as part purpose of our coffee stop was also to bathroom stop. Crisis was averted however as there are public (clean) toilets in Trafalgar Square. But with this in mind you may as well avoid the average Pret coffee and go somewhere else.

Toilet business aside, we finished off our London tour morning on The London Eye. £20 per adult later we were flying high up in the sky.

Can’t wait for more London touring <3