In the market for good food


Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Well, lets start with the good news. The good news is I have a fabulous sightseeing day out that I can share with you, that I think you will just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. The bad news is it is mostly weather dependant (which in England equals rain, rain, rain), but when in Rome do as the romans do – and in England if it is raining you just get on with it. Which means that there is ONLY GOOD NEWS!

So now to the important stuff… a day out in London! Our day starts in the idyllic Regents Canal. Depending on how fit/sporty/motivated you are feeling you could start this walk as early as Angel allowing for a leisurely one-hour stroll. Or if you want to get the beauty of the canals without the ardour of a lengthy walk then start a bit further up towards Haggerston train station (this may, or may not have been where we started our journey – hint, it was definitely where we started). The canals are very pretty, with colourful long boats floating past and if you’re lucky like we were you might get the lazy English sun beating down on you as well. 

Either way, the destination is going to be the Broadway street market. Vintage clothes, delicious cakes, fresh produce and the most amazing food (I dieeee for the fried buttermilk chicken burger). 

Now I don’t want to overhype my little day out here, because although I am giving it 5 stars it is not visiting Big Ben, and it is not visiting Westminster Abbey and well, it’s not visiting any of the ‘big sights’ of London. It is a lazy, leisurely Saturday morning devoid of rushing and the big red bus tourist trap. So if you’re in London and you’ve got 101 things planned to do (likely) but you’re two days in, burnt out and craving a break from the rushing this will be the most fabulous day for you. And after you’ve perused the market you can kick back at The Market Café with a drink and let the morning float by (this may, or may not have been how we ended our journey – hint, it was definitely how we ended our journey, and what a fabulous way to do it!).