There's no whining with food and wine


Family goodbyes are always hard but don't punch as hard when there's good food and wine. Add a birthday and a winery (Shadowfax in Werribee - yes it was deeelicious) and then luckily the emphasis is no longer on you but the bigger picture of a family get together, gossip and laughter. 

After letting Austin do some running around outside, go son tire yourself out, we headed inside to a packed restaurant of what appeared to be several ladies lunches (fine venue choice ladies) a few Sunday family lunches and a jazz band to boot. 

Austin actually sat patiently for half an hour (not a bad effort) but silly mum and dad gave him his lunch before most people had even arrived which meant there was no sitting still when we all wanted to wine and dine. OOPS. So we will know for next time to synchronise the eating for everyones benefit. 

Luckily the fam were more than happy to take him out in turns, creating a little Austin relay where he got to visit the vines, the herb garden and the outdoor eating area. Lucky boy!

The day was rounded off with crying cousins, basketballs, whipped cream and a delicious chocolate cake.

Austin could not bare to have his afternoon nap, I'm having WAAAAY too much fun mum, so was little Mr Grumpy pants by the time we left. Pat sat in the back of the car to entertain him making me feel like a bit of a chauffeur driver but at least we avoided 40 minutes of wailing. 

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday arvo, definitely a day to remember.