Toys Rn't Us


So we've been pretty lucky in this household toy wise, as Nana and Grandama have been going a small bit NUTS on buying them for Austin. Although our place is TINY it has been amazing to have so many interesting and fun toys coming through the door. It has also meant that I haven't really needed to do much toy shopping myself. 

So when the big FIRST birthday rolled around, I was in for a bit of a rude shock. Off I went thinking I'd be able to quickly snap up some beautiful toys fit for a little mans first birthday in a quick shopping sesh.... but no. The range available poor, the quality crapola, lots of plastic, and nothing even seemed that interesting. AHH! 

Ok, so it seems we haven't been just 'lucky' we've been pretty damn spoilt. Unbeknownst to me, Grandama and Nana haven't been willy nilly picking random old toys out for the small guy, they've been hunting around and looking for the best toys to get his little mind going. 

Now I am short of time and have to find fabulous toys FAST! So, online I head. My sister has some fab toys for her little one so I search for the brand and voila. Two minutes later I've ordered some superb little toys and I'm back on track for the birthday celebrations.... or so I think. Until it is a day before Austin's birthday and I realise the damn toys haven't arrived. So I double check the email and it says 'expected delivery end of September'. Nooooooooo. I'm sure I saw that they were in stock before ordering. I call up the store. They have supplier issues. NO TOYS!

Back to the drawing board. I have 24 hours, and my ability to be fussy is fast diminishing. I duck down to Little Darcy, and sweet baby Jesus they have just got a MASSIVE order of new toys in. So I pick out a super cute and super soft giraffe (now named Mr Gaff) and a baby harmonica (CUTE) and hope that they will be a hit with Austin.

Toy shopping is TRICKY. More tricky than I thought anyway. Even when you do manage to find what you think is the best toy, that has been ethically produced, made locally, using child friendly vegetable die with activities that stimulate the mind... there is no guarantee that he will like it. He may just prefer the box it came in (HA!) or the $2 bath fish you got in a flurry at the supermarket. 

Well, at least I am now officially inducted in to the world of toy shopping and PHEW he loved the giraffe and harmonica.