Running wild in the west

Eh, what you looking at?

Eh, what you looking at?

Let me down woman

Let me down woman




It was a crisp morning but the sun was out, and despite managing to scratch his face with a mystery object, Austin was in a good mood. And not only that, the little man had graced us with his first steps a few days earlier, so he was both happy and antsy at the same time trying to wiggle out of my hold and hating life in the pram. He wants to be FREEEEE (run Forrest, run).

Finding a café that is baby friendly, not just in the sense that it has high chairs and change tables, but is really actually child friendly can be difficult, so off on the eternal hunt we went, over to the wild west on my sisters recommendation to Happy River Café.

Austin’s eyes lit up on arrival seeing the toys and trikes strewn across the grass (THE FUN, THE FUN! LET ME FREEE). The few tables in the sun were highly coveted, and I’ve said it before, but we should probably have taken our own advice and got there early (where does the time go in the mornings?).

Inside the décor was a bit drab and the menu a little daggy, but the food was good, the coffee strong and the location great. And really the reason why people come here is to test out some free range parenting and let the kids run to their hearts content. Or in Austin’s case take a few steps and then revert back to crawling (CUTE!). If you’re after a gastro café serving single origin coffee you’ve come to the wrong spot but I think most people would find it hard not to enjoy Happy River Cafe's relaxed, hippy vibe (the view around the back of the building isn’t half bad either).

So we ate our bacon and eggs and drank our coffee (thank you god for coffee), and then we walked around the Footscray Arts Centre gardens until Austin weed through his nappy and and then we were off home.

Wahoo another place to dine and let your kids shout to their hearts content.