This is how we do


We have a system. And the system works. So don't fix something that aint broke, and follow the system:

  1. Baby wakes up (it's 5.30am)
  2. Baby dressed and changed
  3. Baby play
  4. Baby fed
  5. And then baby sleep (woo! success!)
  6. BABY IS SLEEPING!!! Quick now, let's do everything else that needs to be done....
  7. Shower, breakfast, dressed (mum and dad)
  8. Prepare baby bottle, snacks and food
  9. Pack baby bag (wipes, nappies, toys, bib, umbrella, blankets, beanies, socks)
  10. Oops, we forgot the water bottle, add the water bottle
  11. Get the pram ready (upright, straps ready, wet weather cover, muslin cloth cover, pram pegs)
  12. Oh, we might want the baby bjorn...maybe put the baby bjorn in the basket under the pram
  13. Coffee... dear god, why did we not have coffee yet. GET THE COFFEE STAT!
  14. We are caffeinated, we are packed, we are dressed, we are ready, we are..... waiting? Hold on, this never happens. Hmmm......ok so now we chill and then when baby wakes we are off on our wonderful walk to The Melbourne Shrine and gardens.

So, finally we were on our way! Walking up St Kilda Road we could see The Melbourne Shrine ahead, standing tall with pride and imposing on the gardens around it, a truly beautiful building. Entering via the visitor’s centre, which allows you to access almost all areas with a pram, we headed down underground towards the 'Galleries of Remembrance'. The gallery is built within the foundations of the shrine, with the exhibits standing between and next to the brick foundations – an awe inspiring site. Where the Shrine above pays its respects to the service men and women of Australia, the galleries below take a closer look at individual stories and memories through the use of relics and photography. I wish I had more time to spend here, as there was so much history to take in but there was only so long I could keep Austin occupied for (and without disturbing the other visitors). I had no idea that there was so much below the large and beautiful shrine; it just shows that I should probably take more notice of our home town, not just when off being a tourist.

A wonderful morning, and high fives to getting out of the house.