Bubba does melbs


A lady the other day pointed to Austin, saying to her child "look at the big baby" omg I thought - he's not the little baby anymore, he's the big baby! Time has flown. It's time to get this bub acquainted with Melbourne town and what better way than looking through the spray painted cobbled laneways of the cbd.

These laneways aren't exactly Melbourne's best kept secret- they feature in nearly every tourist book- but they also don't disappoint. Hosier lane has some great pieces, with artists creating new work around the clock, which can be great to watch (though not sure about the fumes near bubs). Austin loved the mess of colour, perhaps a future art enthusiast? Banksy watch out.  The great thing about using graffiti as an art appreciation tour is that baby can be as noisy as he wants; you can pitstop for some crawling or running and no-one's going to give you the evil eye. 

Flinders lane was next and time for coffee at dukes coffee roasters. There is minimal room for a pram in this tiny cafe, but god damn their coffee is good. If you're after a takeaway this is the spot. Or if you want to plonk yourself down and take in the local buskers head to Degraves Laneway where you'll be able to get another dose of graffiti and bearded baristas.