It's the most wonderful time of the year...



There’s a small little man in our house just swimming in new toys. Unlike last year, when he really had no idea what was going on, this year he knew enough to know that something good was coming, something REALLY good. And yep when he saw all of the gits wrapped under the tree he was READY to get at em.

We were really hoping he would crack a smile, or you know, look like he was enjoying himself when he was opening all of his fabulous gifts, but he was far too focussed on the job at hand: tearing off the wrapping paper, inspecting the wares and then moving on the next package of kiddy heaven.

There was a lot of interest in the fire engine, and the big double decker bus but the best reaction had to be when he opened a package to reveal a little Elmo… and it scared the hell out of him. Poor little man, we’re still working on getting the two of them to get along….it may take a while.

Some toy makers have a lot to answer for why, oh why do they insist on using all sorts of ridiculous packaging that you can’t get off, or that you need scissors for, or a screw driver (yes, a screwdriver) to remove the packaging (yes, I am serious). But I would personally kiss the feet of the man (or woman) who included a mute button on his noisy as hell ambulance and fire truck (oh THANKYOU you amazing son of a gun).

And of course when there is extreme excitement (yes I promise, there was extreme excitement even if it doesn’t look like it) there are also tears. Ah the highs and lows of toddlerhood. In the photo of the three of us with Austin laying down he was actually mid tantrum, pretty much just screaming his head off. And you know, we’re just smiling, because sometimes the best thing to do with a toddler throwing a tanty… is well… nothing. 

But the one tanty aside, Austin was a fabulous little trooper. And oh, can’t wait until he is old enough to be bribed with Santa’s naughty or nice list.