Merry Christmas!


One day to go until Christmas and we are all getting excited! Austin has no idea what is coming yet... but oh boy when he sees the stash of toys under the tree tomorrow he is going to shiz his pants. Well he does that already, but you know what I mean. 

Having a little kid definitely makes Christmas more exciting. I've put in way more effort this year. Ok, I've put in effort (full stop) which means I've already beaten my usual decoration of a christmas tree centre-piece dumped in the middle of the dining table.

First Christmas away from 'home' in Melbourne and we are so lucky to have hubby's family here to celebrate with us. But of course that also means I'm going to miss my family terribly too. Mixed emotions! Waah. 

Welp, I'm sure when 'Santa' brings Austin his awesome as HUGE train set it will be happy, happy days for all. Can't wait to see the smile on his little dial. Hopefully it's the cutie little smile and not the naught little devil smile he's started doing. (Ok, that's pretty cute too.)