A day fit for a prince


I LOVE doing all of the big touristy stuff, something about it just feels SO holiday-sy. And everyone loves holidays. Everything is exciting and new on holidays. On holidays you get to eat out ALL THE TIME, you have nice soft pillows and fresh sheets every day. SO GOOD! So even though pretty much none of those things apply to us (the eating out all the time, the soft pillows and fresh sheets, nawwww) when we go and do the tourist route it feels as exciting as if we ARE on holidays.

So on this fine sunny day (18 in London, A-MAH-ZING) Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park were on our must do list. First stop was Buckingham Palace and Austin was dying to get out of the pram. And once he was out he was smiling, and laughing and having SO much fun…. and this had NOTHING to do with the palace, the guards or the beautiful grand gates. There was a street cleaner going past. A STREET CLEANER! How FREAKING EXCITING! It really is hilarious the things kids find exciting. 

It was great to see the palace in all of its grand glory. I wouldn't say it's the best tourist spot in London but it is easy enough to go by, get a tourist snap and just keep on going. A changing of the guard would have added a bit more of a thrill to the situation, but in the winter months the changing of the guard is every second day… and we were there on the first day. Damn.  

So to Hyde park next and to let Austin have his run around. To get there from the palace it’s a short stroll through Green park.  And wow there were yellow leaves everywhere. London is SO pretty in Autumn - green and gold and red dripping from the trees and pools of colour floating over the grass. So we just had to stop and have a play around, it was too damn tempting not to.

And we couldn’t really just walk past the Lodge Café in Hydpe Park corner without a pit stop either. I cannot recommend this place more. The coffee was great, the chocolate croissant was to DIE FOR and they have so many other delicious treats and pastries (a high level of restraint was used to not go NUTS on the macaroons).

So FINALLY after all of our stopping and starting we made it to Hyde Park. Which was really just more park. VERY pretty, but more park. And we already ‘parked’ at Green Park. So after the long journey to get there and with a pooped toddler, we had a bit of look around and then headed off home.