Ciao bambino


Sicily – the land of nutella and pizza. So much for a beach diet. Beach diets are non existant in Italy! And so is fake tan – as I learnt rocking up pale and need of some bronzer. What else happens in Italy? Every nonna loves the bambino, the food is local and fresh, and the coffee is soooo good (yes please, yes please, yes please, give me all your coffees!)

We barely scratched the surface of what Sicily has to offer, we mostly had beach and relaxing time, and I’m pretty, pretty sure there is much more to do and see. Just down the road there were beautiful castle-esque villas that I was just dying to get in to, but with a sleep-deprived toddler from doing night flights we did our best.

If I’m being really honest, we went to Sicily mostly for the weather, but once we got there we just wanted to get in to all that Sicily has to offer. It’s funny how when you get to a destination with no local language skills it only takes a few days to get in to the swing of things. I’ve being si’ing and grazie’ing my local English coffee man since getting home - awkward.

I wanna go back, I wanna go back, I wanna go back. Ok, my tantrum is not setting a good example for the son. But Sicily was damn good.