My little pumpkin


So it seems England gets quite in to the ol Halloween spirit and the spirit was in full force at the Eastern Curve Garden. We missed the pumpkin carving and lighting ceremony (WOWSERS), but we did make it down to check it all out a few days later.

And oh boy, there were HEAPS of spooky Halloween pumpkins pretty much sprinkled all over the garden - it seems the kids did a mighty fine job of their Halloween carving. Luckily for us Austin wasn’t spooked by the pumpkins during the day (though I did see some photos of them lit up at night – eerie) but he was super interested, pointing and trying to pull the lids off all of them (gentle, gentle, GENTLE).

It's been a while since we visited the Eastern Curve Garden and going in again reminded us of how much we really loved our stay in Dalston. There was always something happening, and I'm not going to lie a large part of the attraction is the coffee. My new favourite is Reilly Rocket, which I wasn't surprised when I found out the guys are Aussie (of course the good coffee is made by Aussies). We've moved off the skinny caps and lattes, and are now on the skinny flat whites (the only coffee I've found that doesn't taste like watered down milk).

So Halloween is just a few days away, and I’ve no idea if the hype we’ve seen in the shops is a true indication of how England does Halloween, but either way I’ve got a cute as little jumper for A-dawg to get in the spirit.