A visit to Fenton House (how lovely)


What's living in London if you haven't visited a manor house? Yep, it's not living, well anyway, that's what I thought. We almost didn't make it as we were dog tired from being up all night with a teething toddler but it was either sitting at home being tired and miserable and annoying each other or getting up and making the most of the day (tired or not). So off we went to Fenton House, the one beautiful manor house I found that wasn't forever away (located in North London), that looked nice and grand with some beautiful gardens.

The website says that the garden is big 'by London standards', well that is quite the understatement. It's definitely not a grand estate with fields and fields, but for central London I would call this BIG GARDENS. They were super pretty, with little pockets and different areas, manicured lawns and an apple orchard. Lots of fun for Austin to run up and around. 

The inside of the house has been kept as it would've been about 100 years ago, with lots of breakables and antiques (hands off baby!) so we put Austin in the baby bjorn, just to be safe. The inside of the house is probably not super interesting for a kid, more so for mum and dad, but what the hell we were there so we were going to have a look anyways. We had really, really wanted to see the supposed fantastic view of the city from the roof...but alas... it wasn't open when we went. Well, guess we will just have to find some more places to go and check out the views, damn.