Living in London with a little one


Six weeks in and a whirlwind later we’re finally getting settled in to London life and it’s been pretty damn good so far. Our lives haven’t changed all that much really (minus all the fabulous Melbourne family and friends) but I guess you’re wondering, what have we been doing?

We’ve been visiting the ‘stay and plays’ (London’s answer to mothers group) – huge play centres with jumping castles, rooms full of toys and giant adventure playgrounds. These are ridiculously fun and an absolute nightmare to get Austin to leave but oh boy when he is there, he is just eeeeeeeeeeee-ing with excitement. (Also massive note to self – do not bring outside toys to these wonderlands of excitement unless you want to cause WW3 and tears en masse, ermm sorry and oops to the fellow mums).

We’ve been moaning about the average coffee in London. A friend told me the other day that she is now used to the crap coffee here. Sad face. I can see myself slowly changing, my subconscious becoming more comfortable with instant, my palette liking average Pret coffee. It has already started. I bought more instant coffee. It was Illy, so you know, I told myself it was ok, but deep down I know how wrong the Melbourne me would think the situation is.

We have definitely been frustrated at London’s horrible pedestrian walkers. I know Melbourne is pretty bad too, but for the most part, there is a system there: walk on the left people. Here there is no system, no rhyme or reason, and definitely no one stopping to let a pram past. You just have to GO FOR IT and make everyone part for you. Lady with a pram, coming through!

And oh my, have we been surprised by the weather. Its not half bad, it’s no Aussie autumn – lets be real – but the sun is out most of the time, and when it is, its like some glorious sunshining hotbed of fun.  

There is actually heaps to do with a toddler and baby here in London and all of the locals are super generous with their knowledge. And the BEST PART – HELLO EUROPE! First European holiday planned for this weekend. Can’t wait.